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SlingShot Cards are so versitile!  Here are just a few ways that SlingShot Card customers are using their one-of-a-kind reusable, trackable greeting cards.  We would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories and ideas to make this page possible.  If you are a SlingShot Card user and would like to share your story with us, drop us an email at.


The Back & Forth Card


A brilliant, and very common method of using a SlingShot Card, the Back & Forth Card is passed back and forth between 2 people: best friends, couples, parent/child, siblings, you name it.  Most often used for birthdays, but many other occasions work just as well, such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversaries, etc.



The Family Card


The Family Card stays in the family.  It can be a birthday card that goes from person to person to celebrate each family member's big day; it can be a Mother's Day card that goes to each generation of mom in the family (see card #2873); likewise with Father's Day.




The Tribute Card


A regular SlingShot Card can be turned into a Tribute Card simply by adding a note or a sticker to the inside of the card to honour a loved one.  The note travels with the card and each time the card gets reused your loved one's memory is kept alive.  Our first Tribute Card was created shortly after the launch of SlingShot Cards, and this card is now travelling through the family for one year, and then will be 'set free'.  You can view the tribute sticker here.



The Distance Card


The goal of the Distance Card is to send it as far as possible ...literally.  For example, send it as far away as you can, and let the recipient know to do the same.  (If your recipient is having difficulties finding someone else who's far away, simply tell them to send it back to you on the next occasion!  Card #1949 followed this idea: from son in Nova Scotia, Canada to mom in Florida, USA and back to son in NS, Canada.) Hey, it 's a Back & Forth card too!


The Hit Card


With the Hit Card, you want to keep your card going as long as possible, and get as many uses (and hits) out of it as you can.  So choose your recipient carefully, and make sure they check it in and pass it on!  (For example, within a circle of friends or family, you can include  with your card a list of upcoming birthdays/occasions to help keep the card moving.) Have a look at card #1403 for inspiration, currently our leading Hit Card. 



The Soldier Card


This card is a SlingShot favorite.  Send a card to one of our Canadian Forces members stationed overseas. Not only do our troops enjoy receiving correspondance, but with a SlingShot Card they will have a greeting card to send on to their loved ones.  Click Here to view a list of overseas operational addresses if you wish to send you own message. We also have a program called Project Awareness that enables elementary students the opportunity to do just this.